Little World Learning Center

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Church Services

Sunday Worship    10:45  a.m.

Sunday Evening      6:00   p.m.

Wednesday             7:00   p.m.


Jubilee Restoration Center

Mon - Fri                           9am - 3pm

"Texas School Certified 2008"

LITTLE WORLD LEARNING CENTER is dedicated to the happiness and well being of each child in our care . Our approach to teaching will be informal, yet structured to encourage individual discovery, creativity, and achievement.

Even though LITTLE WORLD LEARNING CENTER is located in the Jubilee Christian Center, we will not teach any type of denominational doctrine to your child, but we will attempt to instill Christian love, values, and principles into each child.

Since we are a Christian Day Care , we believe in the Bible, the gospel, and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. These beliefs will be reflected in our curriculum. We care about the total child, which we feel includes his/her spiritual growth as well as the child's intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth.

The center's director and staff will make every effort to provide a safe environment, and to create an atmosphere that will allow your child to develop his/her own unique pattern of growth.


Sue Waddell,



What We Offer


Preschool 2-3-4

Computer Training

Field Trips

CCAS 4-star Rating


After School Program

School Transportation: IC Evans & Hardin Elementary

Home Work Assistance

Evening Meal


Summer Program

For school age children

Field Trips and Activities